• e·mer·sion /əˈmərZHən/


    (noun) the process or state of emerging from or being out of water after being submerged


Coffee isn't just about what's in your mug, but what you get out of it.

  • Our Mission

    No matter when and where we experience coffee, that experience is always a sum of its parts, only one of which is the coffee itself. You also need the right equipment, not to mention water, measurements, power, to say nothing of the excellent people and views around you. At Emersion, we want to help coffee take you where you want to be taken, because coffee is just as much about what’s outside the mug.

    Our coffee kits include an array of brewers and accessories that are tailored to your lifestyle and can meet you wherever you’re at. Each kit has been selected as a complete unit, like a small coffee ecosystem that not only functions internally as a set, but also interoperates with our other kits. Because your countertop doesn’t need to look like a science lab to make good coffee, and you shouldn’t have to check a bag at the airport just to take it with you. Emersion coffee kits are mobile, functional, and optimized to help you live your best coffee life. 

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