The Brew Slow Philosophy

The Brew Slow Philosophy is a return to the passion of hands-on experience. In a world that has become more meta and digitized than a sci-fi novel, there is a movement of people craving the analog experiences of art, craft and all the tactile feedback that comes with it. It's like stepping off a paved sidewalk and onto an unkempt woodland trail. The transition feels real, from the sound of the dirt to smell of the trees. You may not know where you're going, but you are certain you've left somewhere.


At Emersion, we don't think you need to go off the reservation to find a moment of disconnection. We believe your most precious daily rituals can become your analog escape. Brewing coffee is mechanical process after all, so why delegate it to just another smart device in your life. Instead, take the craft of coffee in your hands and experience the lucidity of a slow coffee.