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Rambler • Travel Coffee Kit

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There comes a time in every coffee nerd’s life when hotel coffee just won’t cut it, but you can’t let that slow you down. The roads and rails are calling your name, so we’ve designed this kit for you to toss in your backpack and get on with it. It’s a complete yet compact coffee kit that can handle every bump in the road. A modified hand grinder fits neatly inside an Aeropress, which itself is made of the most durable BPA-free plastic. Take this kit everywhere, from business conferences to hostels. Find some fresh, locally-roasted beans along the way, pop 'em in the grinder, and see what the local coffee culture can teach you.


Get out there, get brewing.


This kit includes:

    • An Aeropress coffee maker, 350 paper filters, and a custom made velcro strap to bind it together
    • Rhino compact hand grinder with custom grip tape for increased torque
    • A handmade Guatemalan tote bag to carry your kit wherever your feet take you



AeroPress and Hand Grinder
Simple design that quickly comes apart for easy cleaning.

Remarkably low acidity

Hand Grinder
Superior particle size distribution