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Emersion Coffee

Scout • Outdoor Coffee Kit

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If you’re heading for the outdoors, but you want to get the best coffee while at the same time bringing the least amount of equipment, this is for you. Ready for any weather, the insulated mug will keep your brew hot or cold, as the climate dictates. Our small pour-over set-up includes paper filters to ensure your brew is cleaner than your hands, which is why it brews directly into your mug, with a dust-proof ring to keep the great outdoors outside your mug.

Drink on the inside, eyes on the outside.  


This kit includes:

    • Coleman Sundowner insulated mug
    • Fellow Stagg X pour over with 15 paper filters
    • A small coffee measuring spoon


  Stagg pour-Over Dripper + Coleman Tumbler
Both product designs are compact and rugged
Stagg pour-Over Dripper + Coleman Tumbler
Both product designs feature vacuum insulated walls to keep your coffee warm and your hands cool.
Stagg pour-Over Dripper
The hole + bump pattern ensures your coffee drains at the optimal pace without clogging
Coleman Tumbler
Bottom pad for no clanking or slippage