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Wandering Bean Subscription

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The Wandering Bean is a coffee subscription service that brings the world’s finest and most story-worthy coffees to your door, and me as your guide!

I've been a coffee tourist for as long as I can remember, and I would love to share the fruits of my passion with you. This subscription will be my opportunity to share my favorite coffees as I discover them, shipping them straight to you from the road, wherever in the world I am. Whether you're interested in trying a variety of coffees, connecting with artisans around the world, or just staying in touch with me, this is the subscription for you. My personal ambition is for the Wandering Bean to keep us connected, caffeinated, and collaborative!

In practical terms, I’ll send you about a pound of coffee each month. I typically send two distinct coffees complete with insights into their origin stories. You're certain to like some more than others, so please let me know what you think. There are allegedly over 1000 different aromas in coffee, so consider this a journey to find them all, for better or worse.

Let's go.


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